Well NYCC Stupor Week is here, with all the excitement and dread that it brings. A bunch of locals were pre-gaming on Saturday and the consensus was that no one was vaguely ready. As a local show, there’s a big difference between NYCC and SDCC, the other domestic “Super con” in that when its in your own back yard it becomes part of your regular routine and not a thrilling trip to an exotic locale. You tend to put things off a lot more. But let’s look at the big picture.

PRO: No need to panic about packing clean underwear, just hit the dresser.

CON: If you forgot to do the laundry there is no time to do the laundry. Hit Old Navy.

PRO: You get to sleep in your own bed instead of a hotel room.

CON: Your bed may be covered in cat puke. I have never come back to a hotel room and found cat puke on the bed.

PRO: New York is the city of a thousand great places to hang out and you know where they all are.

CON: Can’t find any one because they all scattered to a thousand places.

PRO: Italian food. Pizza.

CON: No octopus tacos.

…and so on.

Overall, The Beat is excited to see so many friends from far away—Croatia, Bushwick—and with the snap of fall in the air, it’s hard not to enjoy life. But the overall feeling among those polled is a sense of numbing dread. Maybe it’s the crowds, maybe it’s Javits, maybe it’s the lack of taxis on 12th avenue. New York is a hard city. Convenience is expensive and a pretzel is not a nutritious lunch. The show itself has morphed into a branding and merchandising show as much as a “comic con” and I hope to escape to the relatively serene confines of the Artist Alley pavilion as much as possible.

I know I’m just grousing. The cats I have now don’t puke, so there is that. Really, that’s the most important thing. Note to self: get kitty litter tomorrow.


  1. My sense of impending dread is called Jury Duty. I start on Wednesday, and unless I’m dismissed after one day or get some sort of leniency it looks like I’m missing Thursday and Friday of the con…

  2. Yeah, NYC is a hard city, and NYCC boils it down into a hard black polymer which may or may not be a palatable hard candy.

    My con schedule starts Tuesday night, and ends Sunday evening.
    I feel for the geeks who are also into TV and movies. Paley Fest starts the 11th, and the New York Film Festival runs from 09.26 to 10.12 . Thankfully, the sports geeks can relax… baseball is over with, and football doesn’t get interesting until after Halloween.

    Um… Twelvth Avenue? Lots of taxis on Twelvth… but they won’t stop. You should try Eleventh, right in front of Javits. Walk upstream, to 42nd Street. Or try one of the three Citibike sites nearby…

    My other survival tip: food vendors on 34th, near the High Line, during the weekend. Subway and 7-Eleven at 42nd and Eleventh.

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