By Steve Morris

Artist Jamie McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen have taken the spotlight today, with several pieces of news – both good and bad – coming from their camp. The good news is that Marvel have just released a teaser which lists them as the creative team for a story in their upcoming ‘Point One’ anthology. Featuring Miss America Chavez – Joe Casey’s incredible creation from the recent Vengeance miniseries – and much loved magic midget Kid Loki, the teaser suggests that the duo understand Chavez pretty perfectly.

In every respect, she’s the Captain America we deserve, if not the one we got. This has been suggested to be the opening story which might lead into a revamp of the Young Avengers, with Wiccan also expected to show up too at some point.

In unrelated bad news, Gillen relates the sad news that the long-anticipated third volume of the team’s Image series Phonogram has been pushed back to 2013. Due to scheduling more than anything else, it seems the story will slip a little beyond the original planned late-2012 release. As an apology-tease, Gillen has released a black and white page of McKelvie’s art from the first issue of the miniseries, which promises to focus on bitchtastic Emily Aster as she wanders around the UK being a bitch to people who deserve to be bitched up. So that’s lovely.

That was the bad news. But because life is for fun, the secret final good news is that there will be another secret project from Gillen revealed at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Pixie ongoing? A Topless Namor pin-up book? A glossary explaining what song “oh, our meeting lit a fuse in my heart, devoured me” comes from? We’ll have to wait and see.


  1. If you’re actually interested in knowing what song those lyrics are from, it’s “The Night” by School of Seven Bells. Not a huge fan of the group, but I do enjoy that song in particular an awful lot.

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