Comic cons are springing up like umbrella stands in the rain everywhere around the US — even in small places like Asbury Park. This Saturday the second Asbury Park Comic Con kicks off at the historic Asbury Lanes bar and bowling alley and punk rock venue. The first show in April was a cozy old school event, and this one will try for the same vibe, organizer Cliff Galbraith tells us, even as it’s expanded from 35 tables to 48. The next one, in May, will be bigger still with 150 tables at the Asbury Park Convention Hall.

Guests this time include Evan Dorkin and Sara Dyer, Dean Haspiel, Reilly Brown, and Comic Book Men’s Mike and Ming. If you’re looking for some comics, sea air and old seashore ambiance, this is obviously the place to go.

[Last May’s show.]

[Disclaimer: the Asbury Park Comic Con is an advertiser at The Beat.]


  1. Say who’s that handsome devil with the glasses selling his wares at that table?

    Anywho it was a great show last time around. Cliff and Rob did a bang up job last time an I’m sure this one will be bigger better and possibly fire hazard ish. Whoever goes stop by the deadhorse table and buy something eh?

  2. Reasons to go:
    1) There’s a bar. I sat down, began reading some comics, and soon was in conversation with some cool people.
    2) There’s a beach three blocks away.
    3) On that boardwalk, there’s a pinball museum. They charge by the hour.
    4) It’s an easy train ride from New York City (although a long walk from the train station).
    5) It’s a good mix of well-known creators, dealers selling old stuff, and indy comickers.

  3. Torsen,
    What train line are talking about? Is it from Grand Central or Penn Station…?
    Seems that would be a great thing to know, as some of us just can’t stand to drive that far!

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