by Robyn Chapman

Did you miss it? Yesterday was Lumberjack Day, a holiday best celebrated by wearing plaid, sporting a beard (either naturally grown or homemade), and eating pancakes. The holiday was created back in 2005 by two good friends: graphic novel author Colleen AF Venable and comedy producer Marianne Ways. It was invented in response to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which falls a week prior. The pirate jokes were getting old, so the team moved on to another comedy troupe: lumberjacks. Lumberjack Day falls annually on September 26.

Since its inception, Venable and Ways have promoted their holiday in a verity of ways. In years past they could be spotted at comic convention selling felt beards and their self-published book Lumberjacks, A Field Guide. They also host Lumberjack Day parties where one eats (what else?) pancakes.

This year, the official Lumberjack Day celebration was held at Junior’s, a Brooklyn diner which is world famous for cheesecake and relatively unknown for pancakes. However, their griddlecakes with apple and raisin compote is worthy of praise, and very filling. Over forty attendees took part in the celebratory dinner, many of them garbed in flannel and fake beards. Venable and Ways hosted the event with style and the Junior’s staff delivered with relative speed (considering they got an order of, I’d estimate, over seventy pancakes on a Wednesday evening). A photo of the event recap can be found


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