Wonder Woman is truly a multi-faceted triple goddess of lore and branding. For some she’s a feminist role model; to others she’s a powerful but sexy female superhero; and  to still others, she’s a great way to sell make-up and other women-focused products!

Five years ago Princess Diana starred in a line of MAC cosmetics that sold out quickly; I’m still kicking myself for not picking up a compact or something else from the Mike Allred-inspired line. However, I have a second chance with this weeks Wonder Woman Beauty Collection which is hitting Walgreens this week. The line-up — which includes Goddess LipsLipstick, Strawberry Empower-Mint Lip Balm, Paradise Eye-landEyeshadow, and An Eye For Justice Eyeliner, as well as Grace and PowerNail Polish Set, Comic Beauty Book and Amazonian Bronze beauty sets — will be available exclusive from Wlgreens, both online and in store.

If you want something a little more handy, the line also includes a four-piece hair accessory bundle, five-piece make-up brush set and a make-up tote.

This line is a little more “Pow! Bam!” than the MAC line (which goes for insane amounts on eBay), and a little more style guide heavy (perhaps drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez)? But it should still pack a punch in your make-up tray.