Fair warning, beware of any potential Stranger Things 2 spoilers if you haven’t yet finished it yet!

The weekend that Season 2 of the hit Netflix 80’s nostalgia series hit, I knew immediately it wasn’t if Funko would make merch of Dustin’s pet baby Demogorgon D’Artagnan a.k.a. Dart but only a matter of time when. And sure enough, expect the Dart toys to start rolling out late November and Spring 2018.

Available at Hot Topic

Funko continues its line of plush toys with perhaps its greatest creation- the SuperCute Plush nesting doll featuring the life cycle of Dart! Coming in Spring 2018. I’m still amazed a kid who probably saw both Alien AND Gremlins did not realize his new pet pollywog would turn out to be a Demogorgon. As advised by Funko, be sure to keep this plush away from cats!

The rapidly growing Dart starts as a small 1” pollywog, then a 2” slug, and finally Dart becomes a 9” tall Demodog! Each stage of Dart fits comfortably inside the other.


And for those who want a less cute and more terrifying version of Dart-


But if Demodogs weren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry the original Demogorgon is getting some new Pop! vinyls of its own including a 6” version this February and an 8-Bit Pop! available at Target in late November.


And what’s certainly to be a popular cosplay choice at conventions for the next few months- a Funko Pop! Vinyl of Eleven’s new punk look available at BoxLunch.com in December.


I’m still waiting for the “Superhero Bob Newby” figures for next year.