Planning to stay in this Halloween? Then there’s no better time to watch the second season of Stranger Things.

The weather in NYC being crummy as it was yesterday provided to perfect excuse to finish it last night. Won’t spoil anything major, but while the second season definitely has some notable flaws, it’s still more engaging and holds your attention than most anything out there.

Anyone who’s seen the trailers and promos knows Halloween and Ghostbusters play a significant part in the season. Thankfully the show creators don’t overdo the nostalgia and that aspect is pretty much mostly contained in episode 2. I will say this- Winston Zeddemore is a pretty cool character and has the last line in the movie.

Also, for a series set in 1984 with kids who love going to the movies, I’m guessing they decided to skip out on seeing Gremlins, in particular Dustin.

Calling it now, expect some D’Artagnan Funko toys in the near future.

And if you’ve already finished Stranger Things 2, there’s the new BTS Talking Dead style after-show Beyond Stranger Things hosted by Jim Rash.