It’s Paris Games Week. With the focus of the video games industry on its European markets, there’s still room to drop major worldwide news. PlayStation kicked off the event with their usual trailer hype fest. While some of the major reveals happened to include Sucker Punch’s new ninja-inspired direction, Sony also updated comic book fans on 2018’s most anticipated title Spider-Man from Insomniac Games.

First, you need to see this new game developed by Sucker Punch (Infamous, Sly Cooper):

Now on to Insomniac’s Spider-Man:

This new trailer reveals what direction the studio is taking their unique incarnation of Peter Parker in. He’s a struggling young adult who’s at a crossroads in his life. As Spider-Man, he’s had a major impact on crime to the point where he feels he can hang up the suit and live a normal life as Peter. Being a costumed hero greatly affected his relationship with MJ, Aunt May, even his financials. That constant struggle between great power and normal life is the pinnacle of what Ditko and Lee created all those years ago. It’s good to see Insomniac take that to heart.

The trailer expanded a bit on aunt May’s homeless shelter and Peter bringing in Miles Morales. For the first time, you get a sense of how large this story feels. We see Norman Osborn and the Shocker added to a cast that already had Mr. Negative and The Kingpin. We’ve been excited for this game since it was first announced and if they didn’t show anything else going forward we’d still mark hard for it, but it appears the one reveal we still need we won’t get for some time, a release date.

PlayStation still has one more big presentation this year at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this December.

Marvel’s Spider-Man comes out for exclusively PS4 in 2018. Sometime between January 1st and December 31st.