Are you a fan of hard case crime on the streets? Then get ready for hard case crime in the ring! In the upcoming Aftershock “One Shock,” Hell is a Squared Circle by writer Chris Condon, artist Francesco Biagini, colorist Mark Englert, letterer Dave Sharpe, and with a main cover by Jacob Phillips and an incentive cover by Francesco Francavilla, Ted “The Irish Mooska” Walsh is a wrestling heel who is trying to escape his past… but with blood on his hands, can he really hope to escape his previous mistakes?

Hell is a Squared Circle

Hell is a Squared Circle

Here’s the description of Hell is a Squared Circle from the publisher:

“Ted ‘The Irish Mooska’ Walsh is a third-tier wrestling heel with a problem — himself. He’s behind on rent, child support and his career, but he thinks he can change things. As he attempts to take control of his life, his actions leave him with blood on his hands. Ted finds himself on the run from the authorities and the darkness of his past. As Ted tries to escape his former self and build a new, better future, his mistakes come back to haunt him — in the ring and out of it.”

Condon shared thoughts on Hell is a Squared Circle in the press release for the book. This book is about a guy who just can’t seem to get out of his own way ­­– you know, classic fodder for any noir tale. Our story could be described as ‘wrestling noir’ but for me it’s wrestling noir filtered through the two-fisted tales that William Gaines would have published for EC Comics way back when,” Condon said. “I’m so thrilled that this book found a home with AfterShock Comics and in their gorgeous, oversized One-Shock format to boot. So yeah, I’m excited. Who wouldn’t be? It’s a big, cool book filled with gnarly, action-packed artwork!”

Condon went on to elaborate on the inspirations behind creating the book: “TALES FROM THE CRYPT and its various sister books from EC Comics as well as the recent television show THE DARK SIDE OF THE RING which I would likely credit with kickstarting the idea. I grew up with wrestling, so once I got the kernel of the idea to make a crime book that existed in that world, it all sort of felt like coming home. The two aliases of our main character were both inspired by WWE video games that my buddy Mike and I played when we were kids. My character was Irish Mooska, his was Tombstone. It’s just so much fun to finally see those names get used in something like this. They now exist in a larger world, no longer confined to a dusty N64 cartridge.”

Available at your LCS this autumn

The Hell is a Squared Circle One Shock will run 48 pages and be available at your Local Comic Shop beginning on September 21st, 2022. 

Will you be picking up a copy of the One Shock when it arrives? What is your favorite subgenre of noir?

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