This week sees the release of Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods #3 from AfterShock Comics. The penultimate issue of the series comes from writer James Patrick, artist Rem Broo, colorist Francesco Segala, and letterer Dave Sharpe. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the new issue, which finds a heist underway where nothing is as simple as it appears to be.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods #3:

Michelle and her crew are about to go into the belly of the beast, and that’s not just a meta-phor. But are they ready for a job that has no margin for error? And even if they are, the true nature of the score is about to be revealed, and not all of them are going to make it out of this issue alive. Take your blood pressure pills for the tense third chapter of KAIJU SCORE: STEAL FROM THE GODS.

In a statement back when the series, a follow-up to the initial Kaiju Score series released in 2021, was first announced, artist Rem Broo described his process while working on the series and comics in general:

“When I read a new script page, my initial reaction is “I have no fucking idea how to put these words into a drawing”. My mind turns into a total blank and I start questioning myself: “That’s it? Did I lose my artistic skill?” I suppose it’s a reminiscence of impostor’s syndrome. So I always need to remind myself that I can do this, and I just need a little bit of time to allow the script to sink in and my mind to process all the new information. And then, a couple of minutes later, I go over the script a second time, words start to make sense and ideas simply start flooding my imagination, slowly building images. Another challenge is to learn to let go. I’m a perfectionist when it’s about art. For me every panel, every page has to look at the best my skills allow them to. And in the comics context, where as an artist speed is sometimes more important than artistic perfection (for several good reasons) that’s not necessarily good. I would like to be able to let go of adding that tiny detail in the corner of the panel, that doesn’t add anything, to a better understanding of the story that no one will notice anyway. To generally be able to simplify some aspects of my drawing style and artistic process. This is a challenge that I’m still trying to overcome.”

Check out the exclusive preview of Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods #3 below. The latest issue of the series is due out in stores and digitally tomorrow, June 22nd.