A&E has brought back the classic Psycho house with a modern-day prequel to the events of that film: watch young Norman Bates overwhelmed by his weird possessive mom, Norma. And now there’s a graphic novel tie-in, written by a passel of folks—including show runner Carlton Cuse—and drawn by Emma Vieceli. It’s a free download for iPad called Jiao’s Story—at 72 pages, it’s a good value, although the person who emailed me this tip labeled it “misogynist.” Haven’t read it yet myself. Here are the preview pages:






  1. Thanks for posting this, guys! ^_^
    It’s been a very exciting project to be a part of. The sketchbook does follow a narrative that makes it almost a comic. The fun bit is that people can use the download to play along with the series, unlocking secrets as Norman and Emma do. Sort of funky interactive viewing!

  2. Nice! I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I have followed Bates Motel (my wife records them on the DVR). I like what I’ve been watching and I’m interested in seeing this *comic*. The art looks interesting. Good job, Emma.

    Emma, did you work closely with the script writers on this, or did they just give you the general outline of Jiao’s story? I’m going to go download it now.

    By the way, I’ve also watched Emma’s blog (no relation to Emma Vieceli) so I’m hooked on the *extras* surrounding this show.

  3. Just downloaded this to my iPad. You can find it in the iBook store, not via iTunes. Looks great and looking forward to diving in.

  4. Also, just a note…
    I downloaded this and I found out it *only* works on the iPad / iPhone and other such mobile devices — and *not* the desktop / laptop computer.

    I could get it through Amazon’s cloud – which could then import it to any device / format and get it to my computer that way.

  5. Well done on that workaround, Jimmie!
    And yes, I was lucky enough to work closely with the guys. We communicated a lot on how to break down the story, which moments to illustrate, how to make the pages feel like a sequential sketchbook more than a pure comic. It was an amazing experience ^_^ that said, I had no idea on making it how it would fit in with the series – just the odd clue. Now seeing that there are characters who cross over is pretty crazy!

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