No sooner do I run a DC masthead then I have to upgrade it again, as it seems that Geoff Johns has been promoted to President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, up from merely CCO, a promotion which took place a few months back when he also became co-head of DC Films. According to the report it’s a promotion only and the reporting structure at DCE remains the same: Johns and co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee all report to President Diane Nelson. I guess she’s super-president.

Even before this news broke I had been discussing the ascension of Johns in my various SDCC post mortems. After his surprise co-writing credit on Wonder Woman, co-writing gig with Ben Affleck on the next Batman movie and promotion to help run the DC film division, it was obvious he is the impact player for DC. But the heartfelt Wonder woman trailer, and especially, lighthearted Justice League footage that as shown at the WB panel revealed that a Johnsian move to the light side is well under way. And as many have pointed out, just WHO is front and center in the Justice League image that was released? Why, Wonder Woman. And Superman even has a faint hit of a smile. Maybe he’s transitioning to warm defender of the weak from cold, murderous alien. Wouldn’t that be a change?

The WB panel was a crucial win for DC in showing that not all their movies are going to be dark, tortuous films filled with actual torture. Some people still think Marvel was the overall winner in Hall H since WB/DC has yet to prove they can actuallY MAKE this hypothetical light hearted movie, whiel Disney/Marvel has only to say the name” “Baby Groot’ and everyone gurgles with joy:

Comparatively, DC cinematic universe has, for most consumers, failed to release a movie that leaves fans and customers excited about what’s to come. Lucy eventually has to let Charlie Brown kick the football.

True enough, but it seems everyone is set on getting Lucy to behave…for the moment.

OH and here’s the UPDATED UPDATED DC Masthead:

• Bob Harras: SVP – Editor-in-Chief, DC Comics
• Diane Nelson: President
• Dan DiDio and Jim Lee: Co-Publishers
• Geoff Johns: President & Chief Creative Officer
• Amit Desai: EVP, Business & Marketing Strategy, Direct to Consumer and Global Franchise Management
• Nairi Gardiner: Senior VP – Finance (moved over to Consumer Products fulltime)
• Sam Ades: SVP – Direct to Consumer
• Bobbie Chase: VP – Talent Development
• Mark Chiarello: SVP – Art, Design & Collected Editions
• John Cunningham: SVP, Sales & Trade Marketing VP – Content Strategy
• Anne DePies: SVP, Business Strategy, Finance and Administration
• Don Falletti: VP – Manufacturing Operations
• Lawrence Ganem: VP – Editorial Administration & Talent Relations
• Alison Gill: SVP – Manufacturing & Operations
• Hank Kanalz: SVP – Editorial Strategy & Administration
• Jay Kogan: VP – Legal Affairs
• Derek Maddalena: SVP – Sales & Business Development
• Dan Miron: VP – Sales Planning & Trade Development Director, Sales Planning & Reporting
• Nick Napolitano: VP – Manufacturing Administration
• Carol Roeder: VP – Marketing
• Eddie Scannell: VP – Consumer Marketing
• Susan Sheppard: VP – Business Affairs
• Courtney Simmons: SVP – Publicity & Communications
• Jim (Ski) Sokolowski: VP – Comic Book Specialty & Newsstand Sales Trade Marketing
• Jack Mahan – VP – Business Affairs
• Sandy Yi – SVP, Global Franchise Management (updated)


  1. Shouldn’t Nelson, as super-President, be at the first line of the masthead? Then followed by her co-President and co-Publishers, Johns and Lee/Didio. Why does Harras as Senior VP/EIC outrank everyone?

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