We’re slowly transitioning back to reality, like those sandhogs that depressurize to avoid the bends.

I’ll have a last look later today or tomorrow… meanwhile, it’s been an interesting Con, as many noted that Hollywood agents weren’t sniffing around this year, but lots of diversity was on display. A new normal? Wait and see…

At This Year’s Comic-Con, Superheroes Looked More Like Us

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins summed up the issue neatly in a smaller panel celebrating Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday in the comic books Saturday. “Why do white men get to be universal and everyone else has to be a smaller story?” she asked.

She went on to make a case for Wonder Woman’s universal appeal. “[Wonder Woman] is fierce. I’m not worried about that,” Jenkins continued. “She’s also vulnerable, loving, falls in love, which is what we’ve always done to Superman. So that’s the thing that I cared the most about. It’s a universal story.”

(And you might want to go see her OTHER Disney movie, “Queen of Katwe” this Fall.

…and Disney’s other superheroine…

‘Moana’: Colorful Characters Revealed in New Images from Disney’s Animated Epic

Joining the cast of Ron Clements and John Musker’s story of “the life-changing journey of a tenacious 16-year-old who teams up with the mighty demigod Maui to fulfill an ancient quest” will be Jemaine Clement, Alan TudykNicole ScherzingerRachel House, and Temuera Morrison.

How radical is this movie?  No love interest for the heroine. Both parents are alive.

…and to continue the theme:

Woman Cosplays To Protest Work Dress Code & Is A Comic Con-Worthy Queen

When June Rivas’s boss accused her of dressing unprofessionally and implemented a new restrictive dress code, Rivas decided that she was havingnone of it. Now, the office worker is using cosplay to protest the dress code, dressing up as characters from Star Trek, Firefly, comic books, and a variety of other sources when she heads to the office. Fortunately, though these costumes may be outlandish, they all just so happen to conform to her office’s new dress code. Lady, I bow down to your epic sass.

This year, as CCI is about to launch the 47th edition of its flagship event (SDCC 2016 runs July 21-24, with a Preview Night on Wednesday, July 20) and welcome hundreds of thousands of costumed fans, industry professionals, Hollywood studios and exhibitors to San Diego, I had a chance to ask Glanzer about the increasing influence of the show, its recent partnership with Lionsgate Studios to launch the Comic-Con HQ Network, and its plans for the future, including its relationship with the city of San Diego.

Creators, fans and death threats: Talking to Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman and more on the Age of Entitlement

“It’s the thing that kept ‘Star Trek’ going. It’s the thing that brought back ‘Doctor Who.’ Fans are still creators. Fans demand and make things happen. Mostly, that’s great. But it can tip, and when it tips, it goes into strange places where people feel that by having watched a TV show or bought a book, they feel that you owe them something huge for having done that. Watching the level of crazy that can sometimes happen is hard.”

 I’ll pause here, and check back later to see what stragglers remain in the news feed…