Last night, Zack Snyder unleashed the latest marketing volley in the growing behemoth that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by tweeting out the posters that will likely adorn theater walls this year in promotion of the 2016 effort.

In short? They’re surprisingly well done. Unlike most movie posters which go the boring floating head route, or crowd characters into every possible inch of the landscape, this actually takes a bit of a pop art edge and displays a modicum of creativity.

So, bravo marketing team at Warners! You win this round for sure.

batman-v-superman-imax-poster-superman-406x600 batman-v-superman-imax-poster-batman-405x600


  1. I think superhero flicks have long been making the best posters in Hollywood. Not the main posters, usually, but the odd ones like these. There’s not a need to just highlight the actors. They can tell more story.

  2. They’re a continuation of the Batman film posters…

    Somehow, I can imagine Batman tearing and glueing bits of paper to paste over Superman’s poster, but I can’t quite picture Supes collaging like this – he surely would do it tidily with scissors or a craft knife. ;-)

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