Next week AHOY Comics will release G.I.L.T. #2, the latest issue of the time-travel adventure series from writer Alisa Kwitney, artist Mauricet, and letterer Rob Steen. Today The Beat is pleased to present an early preview of the issue, which picks up immediately after the end of the first issue with Hildy and Trista unexpectedly back in the past.

Here’s how AHOY describes G.I.L.T. #2:

This stylish, witty time-travel tale kicks into high gear as the elder Hildy and her home aide Trista are whisked back to 1973, where they meet again for the first time. One is about to get sucked into a cult, the other a marriage. But do they have to? And which is worse?

As with all AHOY Comics titles, G.I.L.T. #2 includes bonus material for the sophisticated reader. A pair of short stories – “Return Your Rapture to the Upright Position” by Robert Jeschonek and “Spider, Man…” by Brandon Mallory – are paired with illustrates by Ed Catto and Charlie Sam, respectively.

G.I.L.T. is Alisa Kwitney’s first series for AHOY Comics, and the latest series from the writer to feature a pair of female characters at the center of the action. In an interview with The Beat about one of her previous series, the DC Comics series Mystik U, Kwitney described what interests her about writing female friendships:

I think that two of the things that interests me as a reader and as a writer are alliances and female friendships. I don’t think that’s traditionally been explored as much as comics. You get a lot of male friendship and male bonding with ensemble work with teams because the traditional thing has been the five man band where one of the roles is a girl with a tambourine. What you get [with that] is the girl’s relationship to the guys. You don’t get as much rivalry and you don’t get as much of a particular special sauce of female friendship.

Check out the preview of G.I.L.T. #2 below. The issue is scheduled to arrive in stores and digitally next Wednesday, May 11th.