Verse by Sam Beck Sam Beck‘s Verse webcomic began in 2017 and has since seen its characters through a number of significant changes. The fantasy story follows Fife and Neitya, two kids from vastly different backgrounds whose fates become intertwined as they seek to solve mysteries that are bigger than either of them could imagine.

When Fife sets out on what should be a straightforward journey to Maidenstone in order to continue his training as a weaponsmith, he almost immediately gets lost. And when he forgets the Verse to re-activate the compass placed on his hand by a stranger, he accidentally breaks open his necklace, revealing Neitya, a horned girl who looks like the monstrous Vel. But all Neitya can remember is her name, and she doesn’t act like any Vel that Fife or others in his society have ever seen.

What follows is an unexpectedly complex journey for both characters. Verse examines identity and relationships within its fantasy setting, in addition to exploring power, secrecy, and the corrupting influences of both. Each character boasts a unique voice and Beck’s illustration work is stunning as it seamlessly incorporates horror and war into a mostly character-driven tale.

Heads up, there is some gore in this webcomic, but it’s infrequent and doesn’t take up too much page space. Verse is beautifully paced and deeply compelling, each page revealing something new about the characters and the mystery they seek to solve.

I highly recommend it for fans of fantasy, hero’s journeys, and coming-of-age tales. Fans of Saga and other fantasy epics will love following Fife’s and Neitya’s journeys, especially as they begin to interact with the Wraiths — but I won’t say more. (Spoilers!)

Art from Verse by Sam Beck
Art by Sam Beck.

Beck currently updates Verse twice weekly. To see behind-the-scenes, including world-building, character details, and pages-in-progress from this and other comics, subscribe to Beck’s Patreon. You can also follow her on Twitter @_twothirty.

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