Revealed today by Entertainment Weekly, the long talked-about prequel to Frank Miller’s 300, told from the Persian perspective, will finally see print next year from Dark Horse.

Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander, which focuses on the Persian emperor Xerxes, whose armies invaded Greece in the fifth century BC, as well as the the beginnings of Alexander the Great – if the title is anything to go by, will arrive in stores in 2018.

In 2014, WB and Legendary Pictures released 300: Rise of an Empire, which was based off of this unpublished work in no small part – playing as both a prequel (giving an “origin” for Xerxes) and a sidequel of a sort, focusing on the seabound Battle of Artemisium. It was also a fairly bad film, though how much of that you can toss at the feet of Zack Snyder and company is debatable. The actual premise was sound, to be sure. How closely will Miller’s work echo what we saw in the film remains to be seen, but this graphic novel has been in the works since the first film was a big hit.

Miller will be signing at SDCC on Friday, July 21st at the Dark Horse booth from 12-1:30 pm, with wristbands being given out at random drawings Thursday and Friday morning. Lucky winners will get a complimentary Xerxes lithograph, presumably the sample seen below:


  1. The first two follow posts on the thread say so much: 1) keyword = cringe; 2) keyword = love. For my money, I don’t recall the last time Miller felt worth reading.

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