A month or so ago, Frank Cho announced he was leaving Wonder Woman as variant cover artist due to editorial disagreements with writer Greg Rucka. I’m told Cho was hired to do the variants when Marguerite Bennett was supposed to be writing the book. But when Rucka came back to DC for the project, he became the main force behind the book. And Cho’s somewhat saucy take on the character didn’t jibe with what Rucka and artists Liam Sharp and Nciola Scott were doing. (In two issues, Sharp has never drawn Wonder Woman’s “leotard” for instance.)

So what happened next? Bleeding Cool seems to have the inside scoop on the behind the scenes of the variant cover league over at DC, insights he gained from years of editorial contacts and actually reading the solicitations. Anyway we have the new line-up now: Cho will do variant covers on Harley Quinn instead, and can you say PERFECT GIG? Harley is invulnerable to cheesecake and Cho’s saucy (but sometimes juvenile) slant will be perfect for a book that’s all about meta humor.

Good job, DC!

And as for Wonder Woman? Well, it seems cover artist Jenny Frison will be taking over the variant duty. Frison has been doing gorgeous covers for ages on books like Revival, Clean Room, Vampirella, Red Sonja and many many more.


Seems like a perfect fit. However when BC noted the story they published this cover for Sensation Comics that Frison did previously …leading to comments about how this cover was way sexier than anything Cho had done and it’s an outrage and hypocrites and blah blah blah blah.


Like, that’s so obvious.

I mean who knows, maybe the new covers will be sexier than anything Frank Cho ever drew, but we don’t know becuase we haven’t seen them yet. One assumes that Rucka had some input on this hire so we’ll have to wait and see. But.

Come on.

So far, this sounds like good editorial decisions all around.

Some more Frison covers:






  1. Frank Cho’s Wonder Woman covers were NOT ‘saucy’. Nothing cheesecake about them at all. They were quite respectful to the character and her history.

  2. You can obviously tell this blogger has a hate boner for frank cho which is why he’d probably defend any new hire that replaces him or maybe it’s only because the new artist is a woman. Who knows. What I DO know is that if you think rucka deemed Cho’s art too saucy for his comic, then you’re an idiot. The interior art of WW #2 has wonder woman butt ass naked, and in a very objectified manner might I add. so how exactly is Cho’s tame art too “saucy” when rucka has no problem using nudity in his books?

  3. “insights he gained from years of editorial contacts and actually reading the solicitations. ” And you gained from reading Bleeding Cool! 8-)

    BTW, Harley Quinn is not a replacement gig for Wonder Woman for Frank. He is drawing two covers for the series, rather than the remaining planned 18 for WW.

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