With RASL running up the sales chart and soon to start racking up awards, Jeff Smith’s next project—a webcomic called Tüki Save the Humans! has been kept under wraps. But a teaser image has finally been released, and it’s been announced that Smith will officially unveil it November 10th a benefit brunch for the CBLDF Kids’ Right to Read program at the Society of Illustrators. Tickets are on sale at www.cbldf.org.

We do know a little about Tüki: it’s set in prehistoric times and follows the first human to leave Africa, a buy who struggles to save his tribe from savage threats of the era.

Smith will be running it as a webcomic and then printing it in installments; the previous launch date was November 1st, but I’d guess it will run after this brunch. Based on the image, it’s looks about as you’d expect: terrific. Free Jeff Smith webcomic! Good times.