Marvel has unveiled Esad Ribic’s cover for Fantastic Four #7, which features Galactus and Doctor Doom—the team’s two most iconic villains (with apologies to Mole Man)—doing battle.

The comic itself is by series writer Dan Slott and artist Aaron Kuder, and it’s due out this February, continuing the revival of Marvel’s first family after, um, “things” caused them to be sidelined for a couple of years. Fantastic Four #4 actually hit today, with no sign of Doom nor Galactus just yet. This coming storyline, however, will see them both showing up at once! That story is set to begin in January’s Fantastic Four #6, when Galactus arrives and Doctor Doom is the only one who can stop him, or at least so says the teaser text.

Before all this though, Ben Grimm is set to finally marry Alicia Masters in December’s Fantastic Four #5. Anyway, now I’m just being a gossip.

The full teaser from Marvel is below:

One is an unstoppable cosmic force of nature. The other is a complicated villain. And both are iconic foes of the Fantastic Four, coming to the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR #7 this February!

It’s a battle between Galactus and Doctor Doom, and Marvel is excited to reveal their epic clash with a brand new cover from series artist Esad Ribic! With the Devourer of Worlds versus Victor Von Doom, Mister Fantastic’s got a choice to make as the Fantastic Four fight to keep the Marvel Universe safe – but one thing that the Fantastic Four haven’t counted on? They return of a long forgotten threat from the team’s past…

This winter, the “Herald of Doom” continues…and it’s a story fans won’t want to miss!

Written by DAN SLOTT
On Sale 2/13/19


  1. Feels like the rematch from Secret Wars (even though I know Doom and Galactus never went head to head in that story, just, unfinished business. Where’s Franklin, and Valeria, in this? I can’t remember the exact story where beings decided Franklin was a threat but that story feels familiar.

    Goodbye Doom; he was a man, such as he was.

  2. You mean Galactus isn’t just a big cloud like in that Fantastic Four movie? But then the movies can’t even get Doctor Doom right and think he needs to be “improved.”

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