It’s been rumored for a long time that Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin have been working on a new project together.

Here is the first evidence of that project.

A teaser with the word “Follow.” Is it the title? Or just a teaser?

In October BKV said that he and Marcos were working on something together but the title and even publisher were not ready to be announced.

Is it an Image title?

Vaughan and Martin worked on the DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH miniseries together. Both are at the top of their game now, so we suspect wherever this shows up, a lot of readers are going to “follow.”

Oh Wow, David Aja explains it all: via two Spanish-language versions of the other teasers. Follow, Share, and Like. Wow, so this is going to be conceptual eh?

Pretty sneaky for a writer who doesn’t even use Twitter or Facebook.

Via Entrecomics

Via Zona Negativa


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