When the news came that Marcos Martin was leaving Marvel to pursue creator-owned projects, the world wondered just what exactly those projects could be. Martin’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil was rightfully acclaimed, with awards thrown at him every time he walked into a convention room. Perhaps literally.

While we may not know what his new project will be, exactly, we do now know which writer it was who managed to coax Martin away from Marvel: Brian K. Vaughan.

In an interview with, sigh, Optimous Douche at Aint It Cool News, Vaughan was asked if he had any plans to do more comic work, beyond his current Saga for Image – to which came the reply, yes.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been cooking up something special with my old friend Marcos Martin (who I worked with on DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH a while back), though we’re not quite ready to announce what it is or even where we’re doing it. Stay tuned.

Will do, BKV.


  1. A new creator owned series by Vaughn, Awesome! Saga is the best comic out so i cant wait for this.

    Marvel should have tapped him for a Now! series. How great would a BKV Fantastic Four have been. or maybe just a new Runaways.

  2. I agree, Saga is the best comic out there right now. I’ll definitely try this MM comic out, whenever it pops up.

    LoL love the name of OPTIMOUS DOUCHE

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