I haven’t been to C2E2 in Chicago since 2013, the last time the Diamond Retailer summit was held there, but the summit is back…and so is the Beat! Yeehaw! Can’t wait to have some authentic Chicago dogs.

Tireless Torsten Adair has yet to post his “How to Get Around” notes for 2017, but here’s the 2016 version which is probably mostly still accurate. I’ll be curious to see if the area around the cavernous McCormack place is still a wasteland of reeds and ruins. Maybe I’ll walk four miles through Grant Park from my hotel to the convention center again and find out.

I’ll be curious to see how the show has changed in four years; the addition of the retailer summit means that some companies that don’t usually exhibit  – IDW and Dark Horse – will be there.

And of course, the Diamond summit itself will doubtless see some real talk about diversity and rough patches and surges and variants and all that.

Media guests include the Stranger Things crew, and the comics list is pretty strong,  including Stan Lee, Frank MIller, Nick Spencer, Kate Leth and many many more.

I’ll be on the scene to cover it AS ONLY THE BEAT CAN™ – as long as my allergy pills hold out.  If you see me, say hi. If you have a hot tip, email me.


  1. What’s changed? There’s a new station on the Green El, but it’s still a hike to McC.

    The Marriott hotel (connected to McC West) opens in the Fall.

    There’s a new arena, Wintrust Arena at McCormick Square, being built next to that, as the mayor strives to create an entertainment district around the convention center.
    (I hereby dub it “The Ravioli”.) 10,000 seats.

    Like all major real estate developments, the area has a new brand name:

    Lots of development in the South Loop, especially to the west near Chinatown and the Red Line station. New boutique hotels, data centers, and the usual gentrification.

  2. Also… C2E2 has 75+K attendance…. it’s a major show, but has yet to sell out, or even take over all of the South Hall.
    Great Artists Alley (almost 400 tables), easy to move around, even if the walking distances are lengthy.
    Plus it’s an easy flight from NYC, the city is compact, and there’s lots of good food and drink.

  3. I liked C2E2 when I went there twice. The only thing that sucked was having to buy convention center priced food during the day because there was where to eat outside the center within decent walking distance. On the plus side there were a fairly large variety of food vendors.

    Chicago has some really great restaurants if you know where to go and are willing to take a short cab ride. Just make sure the cabbie’s don’t peg you as a ‘definitely taking a cab’ tourist or they might take the long & slow way to where you’re going.

  4. this is all great but how crowded is “Knuckles” going to be tonight? that’s the only question that matters. #rosemontforever

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