When Jeff Smith launched his new webcomic, Tüki Save the Humans last fall there was a lot of excitement over a cartoonist of Smith’s stature trying to webcomic-to-print model for a new series. And while the strip itself—which is about the first humans to leave Africa, and the evolution of the various species of humans—is as stunning as you’d expect being from Smith, the interface for the comic itself was…well, it would have been a little dusty for Geocities.

The reception was mixed.

BUT, not only has Smith been continuing on with the comic—he just wrapped the first “episode” — but the entire Cartoon Books website has been redesigned. And now you can read Tüki in the easy-navigation, wide screen format it always needed.

And…it’s an amazing story—nominated for a Reuben Award—with humor, fantasy, mystery, danger and everything you’ve come to expect from a Jeff Smith comic.

The first episode will be released as a print comic in B&W in July. But the color on the web version is spectacular. The Boneville folks acknowledge that the launch was “slightly disappointing.”

“When TUKI began, we redesigned the site for the occasion.  Unfortunately, our roll out made Healthcare.gov look good,” said Smith in a statement. “Still, like Rasl, our motto is: It’s never too late to fix it! We listened to our readers and came up with what we hope is a better experience for reading BONE, RASL, and TUKI.”

The new season of TUKI Save the Humans (or TUKI for short) will begin May 16th, with updates every Monday and Friday.


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