Smith’s much talked about new webcomic is set 2,000,000 years in the past and follows the first humans to leave Africa and their adventures.

The comic will run every day until a first “episode” is finished.



  1. It’s good to see a new Jeff Smith comic (especially since I still need to catch up on RASL, as they appear not to be continuing it in the format I was reading it in), but god is that a clunky format. You’d think a high profile launch like this would have been better beta-tested before going live. I’m guessing the monitors it was tested on are significantly larger (in both physical dimensions and screen resolution) than most home users have. I’ll check in again when they have a dozen or so pages to read and hope they have the bugs worked out by then.

  2. egads!

    you’d think there aren’t thousands of existing webcomics where viewing a full page didn’t need to be clicked on and then closed to see the next page.

    Major FAIL!

  3. Great to see this coming out. Mr Smith was hugely excited about it at SDCC this year (YES, there are still comics-related people and booths at SDCC) as he described it to me, my brother and my brother’s two kids. Looking forward to checking it out!

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