Exploding appliances are definitely having a moment, and on FB legendary creator Jim Starlin warned of a dangerous run in with his soda maker – complete with graphic photos.

WARNING!!! My Sodastream soda maker blew up on me yesterday, sending me to the emergency room. The pressure release value obviously malfunctioned, an entire CO2 canister was pumped into the bottle and it exploded. Ended up with multiple lacerations to the face, a scratched cornea, a huge gouge out of my hand and possible fracture. I can currently see out of only one eye but that will get better. If you have one of these Sodastream devices beware! Yeah, that’s my blood on the floor in the photo.

This is scary enough – and wishing Jim a speedy recovery – but I’ve always been suspicious of those home soda makers. Like what is so hard about goign to the deli and buying a Mountain Dew? Especially when Sodastream itself has been boycotted by over 40 cartoonists over their factory in occupied Israeli territory. Sodastream has closed the factory, but obviously cartoonists should should probably continue to be wary of their products.


Also, this is why I don’t own a pressure cooker.


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