It’s been nearly two years since Telltale Games and Marvel announced their partnership to develop a new game which is set to be released in 2017. Since the initial announcement, Telltale have been silent on any details. Spotted by ComicBookMovie, it looks as though the current SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike may have leaked the property Telltale’s game will be based on.




Listed through the name O’Farrell Enterprises which also names, the officially announced by Telltale, Walking Dead Season 3 game; Guardians of the Galaxy is named with the moniker Blue Harvest. You’ll remember that as the name Star Wars was hidden under during production of Return of the Jedi.

If this is true, the timetable makes sense with the sequel to the movie set to be released in 2017. Using the Blue Harvest name could also signify that the game will take place within the MCU Guardians universe.

When the deal was first announced, many suspected Telltale would take on a Marvel property that had not yet been seen in film or games like Moon Knight or Squirrel Girl. IF, Guardians of the Galaxy is what we’re going to get then it’ll be interesting and ambitious to say the least. Expect an official announcement either before or during the upcoming Game Awards on December 1st.

Currently, Telltale is publishing Batman: The Telltale Series to resounding critical acclaim and is still set to debut Walking Dead Season 3 before the end of the year.