Next week, Dark Horse Comics will release Order and Outrage #2. The latest issue of the sci-fi series comes from the creative team of writer Jim Starlin, artist Rags Morales, colorist Hailey Brown, and letterer Michael Heisler. Today, ahead of its release, The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the issue, which continues to flesh out the backstory for the title’s protagonists and build out the universe of the series.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Order and Outrage #2:

The Order promises peace through order. All they ask is that you obey without question. Disobedience is treason–a crime punished by elimination. If you are outside of the system? You are non-essential–a crime punishable by elimination. But it only takes one spark to turn basic survival into a full-blown resistance–one act to turn fearful individuals into a powerful movement. It is not enough just to survive, one must be allowed to live!

Along with a main cover by Morales, the issue will also sport a variant cover by Starlin.

Order and Outrage is the first collaboration between Starlin and Morales, and the first Dark Horse Comics work for Morales. Starlin’s previous Dark Horse work includes contributions to anthologies like Hellboy’s Weird Tales and The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist.

Check out the preview for Order and Outrage #2 below. The issue will be avaiable in comic shops and digitally next Wednesday, April 19th.