Fieldmouse Press Spring 2023 Season is officially here! The non-profit comics publisher based out of Grass Valley, California, has teamed up with four amazing creators for four new books for what appears to be one of the young publisher’s strongest seasons yet, including its first-ever hardcover.

Preorders started on Crowdfundr on April 3rd, 2023, with Fieldmouse Press hoping to reach its funding goal to debut the new comics at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland, this year (the home of the Ignatz Awards). Be sure to check out the Spring 2023 Season books below!

You Are Not A Guest

You Are Not A Guest: 72 pgs, perfect-bound soft cover.
72 pgs, perfect-bound soft cover.

You Are Not A Guest is a collection of new-in-print comics from creator Leela Corman, best known for their second graphic novel, the Eisner-nominated Unterzakhn. In Corman’s newest work (check out an excerpt here), the cartoonist explores motherhood, music, trauma, and heritage in powerful and unexpected ways.

Together and Apart: Biographies of Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, and Georgia O’Keeffe

Together and Apart: 292 pgs, hardcover.
292 pgs, hardcover.

Three separate biographies connecting three groundbreaking artists told in their own words. In Together and ApartAndrew White brings his gorgeous and lyrical style to a set of biographies that read like a whisper and a song. White adapts the writings and work of these three artists in an active dialogue with the source material of their lives.

About working on the project, White said, “As I researched their lives, as I drew these comics, as I lettered the final pages, I was writing the words of Virginia and Gertrude and Georgia many, many times. Over and over again. It felt like an incantation, a way of remembering these people and, if not bringing them back to life, then at least looking off into the distance and catching a glimpse of how they might have lived. I wanted to pull them out of the ether, out of the haze that surrounds ‘important’ historical or artistic figures and makes them so difficult to imagine as living, breathing, flawed, beautiful people.”

10-10 to the Wind

10-10 to the Wind: 68 pgs, 6.5 X 9 in., perfect-bound soft cover.
68 pgs, 6.5 X 9 in., perfect-bound soft cover.

10-10 to the Wind by Saskatchewan-based illustrator and tattoo artist Cole Degenstein tells the story of a lonely truck driver named Goldie who travels the open road. Being so isolated makes being with others that much more important, and he seeks meaningful human connections in hopes of interrupting his isolated day-to-day.

Some of Degenstein’s FREE online comics, like “I Should Start Being Nicer,” are queer, so my interest is piqued: could this be a queer trucker story? If so, I’m all in.  

The Island

The Island: 44 pgs, 7x9 in. saddle stitched comic.
44 pgs, 7×9 in. saddle stitched comic.

The Ignatz-nominated Allison Conway (The Lab) is returning to what the cartoonist does best: wordless comic ruminations on the isolation caused by illness and poor mental health, the effects of medicine, the need to connect with others, and adorably rendered animals (if you are unfamiliar with Conway’s creatures, think Laura Knetzger‘s Bug Boys). This comic is gorgeously illustrated and colored by the spectacular cartoonist and VICE Comics alum.

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