A few weeks ago, Marvel announced details for Fantastic Four #700, a giant-sized spectacular from the title’s current creative team, writer Ryan North and artist Iban Coello. Today the publisher unveiled a new variant cover for the issue by artist Scott Koblish that encapsulates the rich history of Marvel’s first family.

Scott Koblish

Here’s how Marvel described this cover that puts to shame anything from the Where’s Waldo? series:

A wraparound connecting cover that will adorn both May’s FANTASTIC FOUR #7 and June’s FANTASTIC FOUR #8, this massive piece features over 700 characters, each one having appeared in a prior issue of FANTASTIC FOUR. Featuring the Fantastic Four’s fellow super heroes, past members, loyal allies, and of course, their iconic villains, this epic assembly serves as a monument to the team’s unparalleled legacy and their undeniable impact on the Marvel Universe they helped shape! 

According to artist Scott Koblish:

“I’ve been a big fan of the Fantastic Four since I was a little kid, so not only was it an honor to draw this cover, but it was a dream come true to scroll through every issue of FANTASTIC FOUR ever. I hope I was able to convey all of the sheer joy, wonder, and boundless creativity that the Fantastic Four have embodied for six decades and I hope it continues to be a shining beacon for decades to come.”

Look for Fantastic Four #7/700 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, May 17th


  1. Somewhat surprisingly, I have trouble finding Spidey anywhere here. All right, you might argue he is an overused character, but hit frenemy-bro-like relationship with Human Torch has caused quite a bunch of memorable moments throughout the years…

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