A few months ago writer Ryan North and artist Iban Coello, took over the relaunched Fantastic Four ongoing title. Only a few issues into their run, focusing on “smaller, self-contained stories,” and it’s already been lauded by fans. North and Coello will be kicking things into high gear with the milestone Fantastic Four #700 which will feature “a giant-sized throwdown” against the team’s perennial foe, Doctor Doom. The issue will feature a cover drawn by cover artist Alex Ross. No additional members of the creative team were mentioned in the announcement.
Fantastic Four #700Here’s how Marvel described the oversized issue:

Making his first appearance in North and Coello’s run, Doom will attempt to use his unmatched expertise to fix the fatal misstep that kicked off the Fantastic Four’s new era. Still haunting the team and causing a dramatic rift between Marvel’s first family, readers are only just starting to put the pieces of the mystery together. After it’s fully revealed later this month in FANTASTIC FOUR #4, the team will be reunited at last just in time for Doom to rock their world once more! The iconic villain will embark on an epic journey across space and time to reverse the damage that his most bitter foes have unleashed on the Marvel Universe. Will he be able to succeed where Reed Richards failed? Or will his meddling make matters far, far worse?

The over-sized spectacular will also see the Fantastic Four reach their new base of operations – not knowing that their greatest threat has made it there first! As their knowledge of LANGUAGE ITSELF begins to melt from their minds, the Four are in disarray as their existence hangs in the balance… and the greatest villain of all time finally seals their DOOM.

North expressed great excitement about the milestone issue as well as teasing a new home for Marvel’s First Family:

“I feel privileged to be writing the Fantastic Four at any time, honestly, but getting to have a big milestone issue happen on my watch is certainly lucky – and it’s an opportunity I didn’t want to waste. A big anniversary issue like this demands a similarly big story, something meaningful, impactful, and memorable.  And given that it’s a supersized issue with more room to play, everything aligned to do a story with the Fantastic Four’s most meaningful, impactful, memorable, and supersized villain: Doctor Doom. Doom demands nothing less than the biggest issue of the year being dedicated to him, and I dare not defy Doom. It’s a big twisty story that brings the Fantastic Four to their new home and views what’s happened to both families over the past year in a new light. The Fantastic Four are down, but not out, and Doom senses an opportunity…”

Look for Fantastic Four #700 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, May 17th