In an announcement revealed by, it was revealed that the upcoming next volume of the Fantastic 4 title from Marvel Comics will feature a creative team that includes writer Ryan North, interior artist Iban Coello, and main cover artist Alex RossFantastic 4 (2022) #1 will debut in November, after the current run (which has been entirely written by Dan Slott) concludes with Fantastic 4 (2018) #46, to be published on August 24th, 2022.

Fantastic 4.
Fantastic 4 cover by Ross.

Fantastic Creators

The three members of the creative team who have been announced boast a fantastic pedigree. North is well-renowned for his work with Erica Henderson on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (with whom he has reunited for the upcoming April 2023 graphic novel Danger and Other Unknown Risks).

North’s more recent forays into the Marvel multiverse include writing the accurately-named sequel podcast Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show. In a quote provided to EW, he compared his approach to this run of F4 with the episodic narrative structure of Star Trek: Those Old Scientists (and considering he also penned the upcoming Star Trek: Lower Decks tie-in comic, we can probably trust him on this one).

Meanwhile, Coello has been on Marvel’s roster of Stormbreaker artists since 2020. His work has appeared across many Marvel Comics titles, including Dark AgesAmazing Spider-Man, and across the Venomverse.

And main cover artist Ross is no stranger to Marvel’s Fab 4! While he’s providing just the main covers for this series, he’s behind the upcoming Fantastic 4: Full Circle original graphic novel arriving from MarvelArts (the collaboration between Marvel Comics and Abrams ComicArts) in September 2022.

Fantastic 4 arrives 11/22

Fantastic 4 cover by Alex Ross

Fantastic 4 (2022) #1 is scheduled to arrive at your Local Comic Shop in November. Will you be picking up a copy when it arrives? What do you think of the new creative team for the title? If the run takes heavy inspiration from TOS, will The Thing get to visit a Cowboy Planet (it’s a Starfleet classic – YEHAW)?

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  1. Let’s not forget our boy’s work on the forever classic: Dinosaur Comics! Very hype for this.

  2. Gee, what a surprise. Another new number one. Couldn’t Slott at least have stayed on until #49 and have these guys take over for #50?.

    Yeah, of course I’m going to buy it – the Alex Ross is worth the price of admission alone.



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