9781911081005.jpgHere’s some great news: Fantagraphics will be distributing Breakdown Press in the US. IT won’t be the entire line – which includes such Risographed experimental wonders as Connor Willumsen’s Treasure Island and Conor Stechschulte’s Generous Bosom – but all the offset books, including manga titles by Hayashi Seiich  and The Artist by Anna Haifisch. The deal starts with November’s Diamond catalog.

Breakdown is the UK’s most ambitious, progressive, and editorially risk-taking comics publisher, so it was logical to partner with someone we considered a kindred spirit” said Fantagraphics President Gary Groth. “We look forward to getting their books and authors the wider readership in the US that they deserve.”

“Fantagraphics are known for working with the best cartoonists in the world and so Breakdown’s books will be a perfect fit” said Breakdown Press editor Tom Oldham “We’re excited to be working with Fantagraphics to bring our books to a wider audience in North America”.

Breakdown Press is run out of the UK by founders Simon Hacking, Tom Oldham, Josh Palmano and Joe Kessler. Authors include  Stechschulte, Lale Westvind, Seiichi Hayashi, Antoine Cossé, and many others.

I can say without too much exaggeration that Breakdown is my favorite small press publisher. Their books have incredible design sense, challenging stories and a thoroughly modern sensibility. Previously you could only get their books at shows or mail order, so this is a big step for them, and a great pick up for Fantagraphics.


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