It’s been way too long since we’ve heard from Dan Clowes, Shia LaBeouf aside, but the pile of what appears to be artwork in the above tweet suggests he hasn’t been idle.

Clowes’ last work was Wilson, which came out in 2010. (collected versions of Mr. Wonderful, his NY Times comic, and The Death-Ray came out in 2011. In the intervening years he’s been busy with some Hollywood stuff, a major art retrospective and, of course, the Complete Eightball, which is finally coming out in June, squeeee. In 2011, he alluded to a new longer book:

I’m kind of working on a bigger, longer book that I don’t want to talk about or it’ll jinx me. The minute I say, “Oh, I’m doing this,” then the next day I’ll realize I don’t want to do it and I’ll look like an idiot. I’ve done that so many times where somebody will call me up and I’ll mention it one time because I’m excited about it and of course it falls apart and I’m stuck explaining myself for the rest of my life.

In other interviews, Clowes alludes to beginning and abandoning a graphic novel about Hollywood, so this maybe isn’t that but…hey whatever it is, it’s exciting! And only a year to go!

On another note, this marks Clowes’ return to Fantagraphics after some adventures afield with D&Q and Random House. There’s probably a lot more analysis to be made about all that, but we’ll save it for when more than a teaser image is revealed.



  1. “On another note, this marks Clowes’ return to Fantagraphics after some adventures afield with D&Q and Random House. There’s probably a lot more analysis to be made about all that”

    Or, you know, he likes all three publishers, they like him, and he works with each as he pleases. Not necessarily any DRAMA there, “Scoop.”

    As for the book, looks like maybe the same project Frankie Santoro mentioned seeing in-progress a year or two back, specifically his “use of double-page spreads” which suggests another interesting formal consideration from Clowes.

  2. Additionally, The Daniel Clowes Reader was published by Fantagraphics recently. While not written by Clowes, it was published with his approval, reprinting his work. And The Complete Eightball is another Fantagraphics book.

    Twice in the past couple of months I’ve stumbled across this site while searching for Clowes and both times it’s had such errors. The weird thing is you could’ve just reported the teasing of the book, that’s easy enough, but instead you go out of your way to add extra ‘insight’ and that’s where you start piling up on the errors (I’m thinking now not just of the Clowes posts, but my short period of a regular reader here a year back). The last Clowes post was so riddled with errors that rather than edit it, you just outright deleted it. That’s why there’s no mention on this site now of The Complete Eightball. This post is not as bad as that one but still maybe a good sign to save the future ‘analysis’ for never? Or at least take a short period out to buckle down and smarten up a little, or, as you might say it, ‘Smraten pu.’

  3. And just what errors are those in the above, Mr Blah? The last time I checked, the Daniel Clowes Reader was not a new graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, nor is The Complete Eightball. And obviously as the QUOTES I QUOTED above indicate, this book has been seen and commented on by friends of Clowes in the years he worked on it.

    I make many mistakes and own up to them, but this time I don’t think I erred. Of course I know many people would prefer to read your own infallible works, so go ahead and plug them.

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