As Batman/The Shadow races towards its climactic conclusion, the stakes keep ratcheting higher and higher. The Dark Knight and his fashionably scarved counterpart have done their best to stop their mortal enemies, The Joker and the Stag, from entering the mysterious and mystical Shamba-La. However, despite their best efforts, the villains have our heroes on the ropes. With Batman succumbing to a necrotic knife wound and The Shadow’s allies captured, will anyone be able to stop the world from falling into chaos?

Check out the Comics Beat’s preview of Batman/The Shadow #5 after the jump.

Writers: Steve Orlando & Scott Snyder

Artist: Riley Rossmo

Colorist: Ivan Plascencia

The Stag and The Joker have kidnapped the Shadow’s greatest allies and are preparing to enter Shamba-La. It’s Batman and the Shadow’s last stand—if they don’t stop the evil duo from entering Shamba-La, it will mean an eternity of darkness in a world ruled by crime!


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