Kelly ThompsonVeronica Fish, and Andy Fish‘s pair of Sabrina the Teenage Witch miniseries have walked a fine line. More adult than the classic-style stories featuring the character, but not nearly as dark as the Archie Horror Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series, the creative team’s initial Sabrina miniseries was an exciting introduction to the character and her world as she faced off against a magic-wielding professor with a grudge against her family. Now the sequel series, Sabrina: Something Wicked, has found Sabrina and the residents of Greendale faced with something even more sinister: a supernatural serial killer.

Check out the full five-page preview for Sabrina: Something Wicked #4 below. The issue is due to arrive in stores next Wednesday, November 25th.

Written by Kelly Thompson
Illustrated by Veronica Fish & Andy Fish
Lettered by Jack Morelli

Covers by Veronica FishSweeney Boo, and Richard Ortiz

Sabrina Spellman has always had her aunts to guide her, but with nobody to trust, and time running out, she’ll have to see what she’s made of all on her own if she’s to save her friends, and Greendale itself from the clutches of a magic-based serial killer. But is it already too late? Has Sabrina already fallen into the killer’s trap herself?!

Sabrina Something Wicked #4Sabrina Something Wicked #4 Sabrina Something Wicked #4 Sabrina Something Wicked #4