The Beat is proud to present an exclusive preview of the upcoming Resident Alien: An Alien in New York #4 from Dark Horse Comics. This issue concludes the fifth Resident Alien miniseries, which follows the story of an alien stranded on Earth in disguise as a small-town doctor and detective. A television adaptation of Resident Alien was recently ordered to pilot by SyFy.

Take a look at the first three pages of the issue below. Resident Alien: An Alien in New York #4 hits stores on July 11th.

Resident Alien: An Alien in New York #4

Writer: Peter Hogan
Artist: Steve Parkhouse

Harry has been stranded on earth pretending to be a human doctor for so long, he understands how another intelligent yet marooned alien could fall in love with a human. With his latest mystery cracked, will what Harry has learned in New York City help him finally get back to his homeworld?