Humanoids forthcoming graphic novel Dog Days — by  writer Cyprien Mathieu and artist Olivier Perret — is a tough book to classify, but today The Beat has an exclusive preview, so I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

Overall, this story is a smart psychological thriller, one that features themes of deceit, infidelity, and, gulp, murder. As is the case with all of the best psychological thrillers, this book is a slow boil, one that feels both real and human. In the preview we have here today courtesy of Humanoids, a day at the beach sees the family dog gone missing.

You can find the exclusive preview below, after the jump featuring the official press for the book…enjoy!

Summer vacation is usually a time to relax and enjoy family. For François and his sons this particular vacation will be their most memorable yet…and also maybe their last.

After hours of endless traffic jams, François and his children—Kevin, the withdrawn teenager, and Baptiste who doesn’t care for anything but his dog Hermione—finally arrive at their vacation destination in a village located in the South of France. But the tranquility of their stay is quickly compromised, not only by the heated relationship between François and his wife, Clara, but especially by the sudden disappearance of Hermione, who is not the only missing canine in the area…

François quickly finds himself under the fire of suspicion, and his relaxing vacation becomes a spell of unrelenting psychological torment.

Here’s the info on the creators:
In 2001, Cyprien Mathieu decided to leave for Belgium to pursue his arts education. After graduating he began drawing for the newspaper Fakir and participated in several micro-publications, including that of Cheval de Quatre with his friends Olivier Perret and Rémy Benjamin, whom he met at Beaux-Arts in Tournai. In 2016, they all joined together to bring to life Dog Days, first published in France by La Boîte à Bulles.

Originally from the Grenoble region, Olivier Perret (“Pero”) attended the School of Fine Arts of Tournai. After his artistic studies, the young Pero began investing his body and soul into the creation and animation of the magazine Cheval de four. He has participated in the collectives of Mickael Jackson (Small to Small) and Envie de Strawberry 2 (Oro production). In 2010, he signed his first non-collective book, Un jour sans, published by Ankama. Though still a relatively new author, he already exhibits a mastery of the graphic and narrative art form—a talent that is confirmed in Dog Days.

Dog Days
Dog Days
Dog Days