Rare artwork theft alert! Legendary cartoonist Trina Robbins has posted on Facebook that she is missing five pages of her extremely rare ’70s art, due to a FedEx mixup and subsequent theft:

Dear friends, I need your help! Back before the lockdown, I loaned 5 pieces of my original comic art from the 70s for a planned exhibit at Sacramento State college. Then along came the lockdown and the exhibit never happened. In May, the woman responsible for the exhibit suffered the tragic loss of her daughter to cancer, so I told her to take her time returning my art. Then, this month I ran out of patience and demanded my art back, only to discover she had returned my pages via FedEx back in May! I saw the FedEx receipt — someone had signed for the package, signing my name as “RTRINA” — I have NEVER signed my name like that! The woman from Sacramento, almost as upset as me, is filing a claim with FedEx, but I’m appealing to you: if anyone, at any time since May, has offered any of my art for sale, PLEASE let me know ASAP! (Yes, I’ve already looked on eBay!) I have very little art from the 70s left, because back in the day I was desperately poor and sold my pages for peanuts. My surviving work from those days is no longer for sale, but if I had been willing to sell those pages, they would have been worth about $5,000. I know this is a longshot, but please be on the lookout for any art by me that’s for sale!

As stated above, if anyone sees some Robbins artwork for sale or has any clue what might have happened to the art, let Robbins know. She’s looking for scans of the stolen art and we’ll update this post with any images as we get them.

Trina Robbins is a pioneering legend of comics, having co-founded Wimmens Comix, and written and drawn countless characters, from Misty to Wonder Woman, to name just a few of her accomplishment. In recent years she has become one of our most important comics historians, with books on women cartoonists of the 20s, Nell Brinkley, Lily Renee and many more. Her autobiography, Last Girl Standing, makes lively reading about the entire history of underground comics and more.

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  1. I feel so bad about Trina losing her pages to a thief or crazy person. I realize DC is scaling back, but I would LOVE for Trina to write and draw stories for the digital Wonder Woman Agent of Peace comic. Also, Ramona Fradon is another artist as talented now as when her career began — wouldn’t it be great to see her drawing for the digital Aquaman Deep Dives comic?

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