For some time now, Titan Comics has made it their business to make translated editions of European comics available to both the UK and United States.  To that end, they’ve released epics like Michael Moorcock‘s Elric, as well as popular comic-turned-movie Snowpiercer. Back in September, they upped their game in announcing Titan would soon be home to international imprint Statix Press. Through Statix, they’ll continue to release content like Hercules: Wrath of the Heavens from JDMorvan and Looky, but will soon debut some interesting new titles presented under that same banner.

One of the first translated books offered through Statix exclusively will be Doctor Radar, a 1920’s Parisian-noir romp featuring a”gentleman detective” drawn into a game of cat-and-mouse while investigating a series of murders linked to the titular criminal mastermind.

Doctor Radar is written by Noel Simsolo, a prolific French novelist who has also authored soap operas and radio dramas in addition to being an actor and playwright. The series artist is Bezian, an animator and comic artist whose work has been featured by both independent and mainstream French comic publishers.

Want to try before you buy? You’re in luck. The Beat has got the first-ever look at the completed English translation of 13 pages of Doctor Radar below. If you like what you see, Doctor Radar hits store shelves on November 22. Be sure to look our for the Francesco Francavilla cover to issue one. Forthcoming titles from Statix Press will include Showman Killer from genre-defining director Alejandro Jodorowsky.



Cover B by Francesco Francavilla.