Titan Comics today announced that writer Benjamin Legrand and artist Jean-Marc Rochette’s The Tribute (Le Tribut) will get an English language release later this year as part of the publisher’s Statix Press imprint, translated by Edward Gauvin.

In a press release, Titan said:

“Twenty-six years after its French release, Titan Comics is delighted to be bringing this epic adventure to English language audiences for the first time. Mixing classical and experimental comics forms, The Tribute tells the story of a team of scientists and soldiers who land on an alien planet with the hope they will find a new source of energy. The expedition is vital for the survival of humankind as an intergalactic war is raging, and the team must battle a hostile climate and protective, indigenous species to unravel the mysteries of this extraordinary planet before it’s too late.”

Legrand and Rochette are best known for their work on the Snowpiercer (Le Transperceneige) bande dessinée series – created by Jacques Lob and Rochette in 1982 – which spawned a critically-acclaimed and award-winning 2013 movie directed by Bong Joon Ho, as well as an ongoing TV series which premiered in 2020. Legrand and Rochette worked together on Snowpiercer’s second volume The Explorers. Like Snowpiercer, The Tribute – which debuted its first volume in 1987 from major publisher Casterman – was partially serialised in seminal Franco-Belgian bande dessinée anthology À Suivre. The English edition seems to be a translation of a more recent French collection released by Editions Cornelius in 2016.

Titan Comics Group Editor Jake Devine said about the announcement:

“I’m so excited that Titan Comics is going to be publishing another genre classic from the creators of Snowpiercer. Rochette’s artwork is so unique and raw, there’s nothing else like it and I can’t wait for readers to experience it.”

The 160-page The Tribute hardcover will retail for $29.99, and is due out in stores on October 10, 2023.