So you’ve seen one new look for trade dress, now DC is rolling out a new look for their own variant covers, seen here on Jim Lee’s variant for BATMAN #45 and John Romita Jr’s  variant for NIGHTWING #44.

The new trade dress is designed to spotlight the art, with no logos. It also emphasizes the the unique nature of these art-centric covers, and serves to differentiate them even further from the main covers.

The slim UPC box, variant cover box and credits – and even series title – are quite inconspicuous at the bottom of the covers. It’s as virgin art as DC can get. It’s a clean, uncluttered look for those who want to sit back in their comfy chair and admire their variant cover collection. Perhaps with a helping of cognac or Earl Grey tea.

What do YOU think? Are you more likely to pick up a DC variant with this uncluttered look?





  1. I usually don’t care for variants because the standard covers are the ones that traditionally deal with the story rather than simply being a “cool alternate artist pin-up.” So, while I like the idea of the lack of logo and minimized details, generally speaking I’d prefer to have the main cover be included in this stripped-down variant style. That I might regularly buy.

  2. I’m actually a little torn. I do like a good cover presentation with title and all, if done well. Be it standard or variant. But it’s also nice to appreciate the full variant art. In the end, it probably won’t affect my variant purchasing decisions much one way or the other.

  3. They’ll finally be able to do service to a Jock cover (and not tar it with hideous things like a Green Lantern movie banner on every book

  4. I’m already a fan of variants (I know some aren’t) but I’m most cases why wouldn’t I want a book that usually has more attractive art and a lower print run…especially with a local comic dealer who sells them to me for cost (at least the DCs and Indies) being one of his best customer has its benefits). I received the new Batman 45 var today and it’s sharp! I really like this new approach by DC. Been a big fan of the recent Justice League variants by Jonboy, the Walking dead portrait variants, and the American Gods pastel art by David Mack…

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