At last week’s Diamond Retailer Summit, The Beat reported on Marvel’s plans to change their trade dress to make the UPC code box smaller, make creator names larger, and add TWO numbers to the box: the issue number and a LEGACY issue number that continues the numbering from the dawn of time, aka Fantastic Four #1.

The idea was met with a lot of derision on twitter when reported, but it’s now been seen in action by JD Boucher via a (rather attractive) Will Sliney Avengers variant for ACE Comic Con.

As you can see, the legacy numbering is small, harmless and, for those who care about such things, useful.

In my humble opinion: this is not a Bad Thing. In fact Marvel has done it several times in the past.

The UPC box looks a little smaller as well, but the bigger creator names aren’t on this particular cover.

Can we all just agree that Marvel has done Something OK?

I know it’s crazy, but maybe this isn’t horrific.


  1. The internet just defaults to every Marvel idea being a bad one. It’s annoying and stupid. Of course this was a good idea.

  2. Why couldn’t they just have had it say Legacy? LGY looks so weird to me, I’d honestly would prefer LEG if it had to be shortened.

    But seriously I’m very happy with this and it’s so much more helpful and even looks better than how they had the old dual numbering. I wish they would stop renumbering but that ship has sailed. This honestly reminds me more of how TV series do things as Season 5, Episode 10, but still acknowledged if it’s the 100th episode or what not.

    I am curious to see how the numbers will look for Avengers 700 as I’d be shocked if 700 wasn’t made the larger number on that issues.

  3. Dave, I think that’s one of the benefits of doing it this way. They can spotlight anniversary issues when they hit, then revert back to whatever numbering that want after that. Even a new number 1 after an anniversary issue, because the Legacy number will still be right there beside it.

  4. It’s a good idea, easy to jump on, and easy to follow along.

    The thing that actually jumped out at me with that cover is that Thor and Cap should be holding hands.

  5. I don’t think it helps much unless every online retailer and database software adds a “legacy number” field to their software. Otherwise the makers are going to have to pick one or the other, which is going to lead to even less consistency than we have now.

  6. I studied about relaunched number and legacy number are very important for us comic collectors. I was concerned about last year’s Marvel Legacy that classic numbering were back to titles because I found out that they had miscalculated without dual numbering since 2004. And the some of titles relaunched with #1 without dual numbering over and over again before October 2017’s Marvel Legacy titles were miscalculated and confusing. That is why in May 2018, New titles with #1 need dual numbering that help us calculate better before they revert back to classic numbering better. Thumb up!

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