Most everyone knows that marriage is a life-changing event. But in the hands of writer David Pepose, marriage becomes more than just the usual ball and chain.
Pepose has teamed with artist Gavin Guidry (The Death Defying) to create an offbeat, action-packed story in which a conflicted bride’s big day turns into the wedding from hell when a gang of Elvis-clad gunmen crash the party and kidnap her. As all involved will unexpectedly discover, love results in the ultimate hostage situation.
Here is how Pepose describes the new books:
“Think Die Hard at a wedding — or Dog Day Afternoon meets The Runaway Bride. With our unique mashup of action, humor, romance, and heart — not to mention our sprawling, diverse, and downright dysfunctional cast — fast of romcoms and thrillers alike are going to find lots to love about our offbeat and eclectic series.”
The year 2019 is shaping up to be a busy one for the Ringo Award-nominated Pepose, whose surreal and darkly comedic Spencer & Locke sequel officially goes on sale in April. Danger Zone, the mature readers imprint of Action Lab Entertainment, will release Going To The Chapel to comic shops and as a digital book in Fall 2019.
Check out the variant cover along with the first eight pages of Volume 1 of the series.


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