As we wait for the returns to trickle in, and for the long national indigestion to finally end, we here at Stately Beat Manor provide you with the finest in Election Night coverage.

Back in 1964, Joe Sinnott and Berry Reece created a serial for “Treasure Chest”, a weekly Catholic comic book distributed nationwide to parochial schools.  Like Weekly Reader, it offered safe, wholesome, and entertaining stories, all in comics form!  (I never like the cartoons in WR… I hope that’s changed…)  The story, set in 1976, told the story of a presidential candidate.  I won’t spoil it for you, but here’s some background.  Unfortunately, the digital archive is no longer available…  (That cover, of the first chapter, wraps around.  It’s quite nice!)  If you go to the TC archive, you can read all the issues up to 1963, as the copyright has expired!  The search function isn’t that great, but there are some great covers, and some well-known creators (like Joltin’ Joe!).

Want some more fictional presidents?  The Marvel Wikia site has a page!  Didja know that Batman was president in the Marvel Universe?  I did!  It’s part of Marvel’s version of Watchmen (even though Watchmen came out after Squadron Supreme was finished).

Then there was Superman… in an imaginary story.

But this one wasn’t!

Of course, since this is 1966, Supes acts like a jerk.  I forget how they both bow out.  I think Superman’s alien status disqualifies him.  You can read the comic strip version here!  (Geez… that’s some awful cartooning…)

Meanwhile, this might be the first fictional character running for President, way back in 1943!  Or at least in comics.  What a trailblazer!

Of course, the one which everyone noticed…. run by a Mad Genius.  Who was Howard’s running mate?

Don’t feel like voting?  Sick and tired?  Or just tired?  Or you’d rather watch reruns of M*A*S*H?  Well, you’d better read these three public service comics first!

Of course, Captain America seems to run every decade…  here’s a nice overview, in the comments!

And, of course, Election Night wouldn’t be complete with a wonky commentator!  So we bring you Randall Munroe, and a few select strips from XKCD!


Want to see something really cool?  Here’s an infographic about every Congress, dating back to the 1790s!  Yeah… it looks like a hair follicle from Uncle Sam!

Well, I once tried watching the returns in a bar, in 1994.  I’m still working off the hangover I got from Newt…  So I’m going to bed, and like Christmas Day, I hope for the best!  (But expect to get socks.)  Hope you all voted, or at least updated your passports!  Vootie!


  1. Actually, 7-Eleven had a stupid red cup/blue cup poll… I wonder if they had plain cups for the disinterested?

    Most “schadenfreunds” are concentrating on Rove’s denial last night on Fox.
    I shudder at the possibility he will move on to “bargaining”…

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