The Society of Illustrators has announced medalists in their Sequential/Series, Institutional, Uncommissioned, and Moving Image categories. SoI doesn’t really give awards in comics, but the Sequential/Series category covers work that requires more than one image, so it’s mostly comics. Gold medalists include Eleanor Davis for “In Our Eden” (above), Victor Juhasz for “An American Artist in the Combat Zone”, and Emiliano Ponzi for his piece “Charles Bukowski Italian Edition Book Covers” (below).  Silver medals go to Jonathan Burton for his playing cards, Keith Negley and his series “Father’s Day”, and Mark Ulriksen’s “My Name is Mark.”


Davis also won a Silver Medal in the Institutional category for the diploma she designed for the Center for Cartoon Students. And in case you haven’t noticed she’s been on a real tear lately.

All the art is on display at the Society of Illustrators currently. This April SoI will be running their first MoCCA Fest.


  1. Congrats to Eleanore! It’s a well deserved recognition for her and the others on the list. Nice to see the continued expansion of the comics creator universe! I suspect there will be quite a few more talented creators winning this kind of recognition who have also, like Eleanore, published great stories with Francoise Mouly’s TOON Books imprint.

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