Yesterday was the long awaited trial date for the notorious Ed Kramer, and it was a bit of an anticlimax– after avoiding charges of child molestation for over a decade, he entered the type of guilty plea that does not admit guilt on three of six counts, and was sentenced to five years in jail. However, because he had already served 26 months in the Gwinnett County Jail, and because of the medical conditions that helped him avoid standing trial for so long, the actual sentence was 34 months of house arrest. Under the nine-condition agreement, District Attorney Danny Porter recommended concurrent sentences of 20 years to serve five for each count. Because of 26 months previously served in the Gwinnett County jail and while incarcerated in Connecticut, Kramer will actually serve 34 months of house arrest.

While to many this seemed like no victory at all, assistant DA Danny Porter says Kramer will be scrutinized and must serve every term of his sentence. These are terms that Porter feels Kramer will have a hard time living up to.

“We wanted a resolution of the case and the victims wanted a resolution of the case and they agreed to the recommendations.” Under the court’s nine-condition agreement, if the 52-year-old Kramer violates even a single term he could land back in prison for up to 60 years. Those include failing to pay each victim a $100K restitution, violating his house arrest, or coming in contact with any person under the age of 16. “I believe he’ll violate his probation and we’ll have him in prison eventually,” said Porter, who has been on the Kramer case since 2005. “I think he’ll most likely try and figure out a way to come in contact with children, and that’s where I’ll get him.”

In other words, if Kramer slips up, he’ll have to serve the rest of his sentence in an actual jail. A story in Atlanta Magazine has more of the thinking behind the plea bargain.

Though he was confident of a conviction, Porter says he was worried that, depending on the judge’s sentence, Kramer could have paroled early and then been more or less free to roam. Under this plea deal, Kramer will be on strict probation for the remaining fifteen years of his sentence, during which time he will not be allowed to leave the county and will be under close supervision. Porter feels that the deal he brokered is the best possible outcome.

Given the extensive cat and mouse game Kramer played with legal authorities for years and years—and the litany of lawsuits and nuisance filings that he placed to make his incarceration very expensive—this doesn’t seem very conclusive. However, let’s just keep our fingers crossed—and our surveillance equipment trained firmly on chez Kramer.

And here’s a local news report with video of the back of Kramer’s head.


  1. Kramer has admitted his guilt. The victims that spoke said they just wanted to get on with their lives, but this seems like a non-sentence. Not even 3 whole years of house arrest? Even given what he’s already served that seems like nothing. Of course, the way Kramer has been able to play the Gwinnett County legal system should make them reexamine their practices. It seems absurd.

    As other people discussing this have noted, if Mr. Kramer had been caught with a small amount of marajuana, he would’ve had the book thrown at him way harder. Our laws & their enforcement are oh, so just. *nods*

    Now that DragonCon has separated itself fully from Mr. Kramer, I hope that the same scrutiny that was applied to the convention will also be turned upon the messed-up legal system that let him go free for so long, AS WELL AS eyeballs as tightly on his front door.

    How much you wanna bet that when his sentence is done, he’ll mysteriously be much healthier..?

  2. Sentencing in this country for EXTREME sex offenders is a flat out joke. In my neighborhood alone there are 15 to 16 level 2 or higher sex offenders and legally (in my state) they don’t have to let anyone know they are there….local authorities are responsible to let the community know.
    It’s an outright shame that a guy with more than an ounce of weed on him can go to jail for more time than some worthless piece of shit who abuses (emotionally and physically) children.
    To paraphrase Tarantino (and screenwriter CHARLEY VARRICK screenwriter Howard Rodman) I hope a couple of fellas go to work on this ass wipe with a par of pliers and a blowtorch.

  3. “I think he’ll most likely try and figure out a way to come in contact with children, and that’s where I’ll get him.”

    Jeeziz. So, we’ll use children as bait to catch a monster we already caught?

    WTF GA? Really ashamed right now. Lived there for years. Still own a house in Gwinnett Co. Disgusted. Just want to throw up right now.


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