Some people are drug addicts. Others are food addicts. Some, plastic surgery addicts. Ed Kramer, co-founder of Dragon Con and convicted sex offender, is a lawsuit addict. After more than a decade of legal wrangling that kept him from standing child on molestation charges; and dozens of jailhouse law suits involving his health and religion that made keeping him incarcerated insanely expensive, he’s back with a new law suit claiming that his conviction on child molestation charges last December should be overturned.

In court filings thundering of constitutional outrage. Kramer’s lawyer Stephen Reba claims his client was forced into last year’s plea agreement through prosecutorial misconduct, a move that he said removed Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter from the case.

“He is a witness now,” Reba told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday of Porter. “While Mr. Kramer has been vilified during the pendency of his criminal proceedings and after, this case is really about governmental overreach and misconduct.”

The state Attorney General’s Office is taking over the case, Reba said.

Porter has pursued Kramer across the nation for more than decade of court delays due to Kramer’s health and legal challenges.

“The only way it will die is he’ll have to to die or I’ll have to die and even that might not stop it,” Danny Porter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday.

I’m not going to enumerate the infuriating legal proceedings outlined in Kramer’s case, but they involves his health issues that make it “impossible” for him to stand trial, who requested the trial, and now a claim that the 14-year-old boy that Kramer was found with in a hotel room in 2011 was actually the “son of his female partner.”

Kremer is still under house arrest, and not in jail under the terms of his plea bargain, because of his health. A few months ago he was found to be claiming to be a psychology expert from Brooklyn, and talking to some disabled kids on Twitter, but it was not enough to violate the terms of his house arrest, something that DA Porter is waiting for. But Ed Kramer is a wily individual with endless patience for lawsuits, frivolous or not.

Developing. And disgusting.


  1. I’m betting this is all an attempt to keep from paying his victims the $300K that is part of his plea agreement.

  2. I’m wondering when some of the other comics news sites are going to get around to covering this story. At least those that aren’t in the tank for Dragon*Con. I’m also thinking people should remember what gave Kramer the means to delay and continue to delay justice.

  3. I would assume that since he’s rejected the plea deal, that the State could go ahead and put him on trial for the molestation charges. This pedophile belongs in jail and not under house arrest. This whole case has brought the Georgian Justice System into disrepute and makes one wonder if there’s a separate kind of justice for perverts with a lot of cash. I don’ think his health should preclude him from serving his sentence in jail as it appears it didn’t seem to preclude him from molesting children.

  4. Needs some further copy-editing:

    Paragraph One: “legal wrangling that kept him from standing child on molestation charges;” should read “legal wrangling that kept him from standing trial on molestation charges;”

    First paragraph after quoted material: “but they involves his health issues” should read “but they involve his health issues”

    Second to last paragraph: “Kremer” should be “Kramer”

  5. Wallace Ryan: But he DID accept the plea deal and copped an Alford, which is *exactly* the same as pleading guilty in the eyes of the law. The plea deal is binding. And if he fails to pay his victims he goes to prison for 25 years.

  6. Thanks for staying on top of this, Heidi. It’s important to keep Kramer’s name in the news for as long as he’s free and trying to find new ways to evade justice.

    @Tony Isabella: I saw it mentioned on Robot 6 ( http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2014/11/comics-a-m-ed-kramer-wants-conviction-thrown-out/ ) but haven’t seen it elsewhere. Of course, it was published on a Thursday evening and it’s possible some sites may have missed the news on Friday and don’t post updates on weekends.

    @Nancy Collins: Good observation on the money angle. Kramer’s lost his source of income and as his savings start to run out this case is going to start looking a whole lot different. Will he have to start filing his vexatious lawsuits pro se?

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