We’re sure you recall the saga of Georgia man Ed Kramer, the co-founder of Dragon*Con, who last December was finally consisted of child molestation after 10 years of legal wrangling. The plea bargained verdict pleased few, as jailhouse lawyer Kramer used his physical infirmities to get house arrest instead of the jail time he so richly deserved following years of accusations of improper relationships with young boys. Perhaps frustrated, the DA vowed:


“I believe he’ll violate his probation and we’ll have him in prison eventually,” said Porter, who has been on the Kramer case since 2005. “I think he’ll most likely try and figure out a way to come in contact with children, and that’s where I’ll get him.”

Well, I don’t know if Twitter counts as contact but if so, Kramer could be on his way. He’s reappeared on Twitter as @edwardekramer, now billed as

Edward E. Kramer is an American Editor, Writer, Producer, Screenwriter, Agent, SFWA, WGA. Photographer and Photojournalist.


For his profile pic, Kramer has managed to comb his hair and beard so he looks less like the star of Furry Human Centipede, and more like the kind of person who won’t make you throw up in your mouth when you look at him a responsible member of society. But it doesn’t stop there. On his twitter profile, Kramer claims to be located in Brooklyn, NY, which WOULD be a clear violation of house arrest if I’m not mistaken. A search at his website also reveals a stunning new bio:

An award-winning editor and writer, Edward E. Kramer’s published works includes Sandmanwith Neil Gaiman, Elric with Michael Moorcock, and The Crow with James O’Barr; he received the Prometheus Award for the Libertarian SF anthology Free Space, with Brad Linaweaver. Ed agented volumes of classic work for Harlan Ellison (Edgeworks), Fritz Leiber (Lankhmar), and Michael Moorcock (Eternal Champion). Ed arranged the literary partnership between authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson which re-launched the Dune universe; the first Herbert / Anderson collaborative trilogy was dedicated to Ed’s efforts.
As a photojournalist and music critic, Ed’s features were syndicated through the NY Times regional wire; his photography and portraits graced the pages of Billboard, Rolling Stone, Time, and USA Today. Ed’s original fiction appears in numerous anthologies, collections, and magazines. In 1987, Ed founded America’s largest annual pop-cultural event, Dragon Con, and served as Chairman for fourteen years. An active member of the Science Fiction Writer’s Association (SFWA) for more than two decades, and a past Nebula Awards host, Ed also served as Vice-President and Trustee of the Horror Writers Association (HWA).
A graduate of Emory University School of Medicine, Ed’s work in Violence Epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) helped develop the technology to decrease fatalities through a pilot study for Atlanta’s Domestic Crisis Intervention Unit (DCIU). His experience includes more than two decades of work as an administrator in the psychiatric and addiction treatment professions, and eight years as Producer of the Tovia Singer Show for Arutz Sheva, Israel’s only independent national live radio station. 

As if writing Sandman, Elric and The Crow wasn’t enough—what did we EVER do without him?—Kramer’s twitter feed appears to be setting himself up as some kind of psychological counselor, as his interests and activities reveal:

Futurism and Emerging Technologies, Editing and Publishing, Writing and Screenwriting, Forensic Psychology and Cognitive Processing, Photography and Cinematography, Disability and Human Rights Advocacy, Chabad Lubavitch and Spiritual Enrichment, Lurianic and Quantum Studies, Kiruv and Counter-Missionary Education

IF you want to add “having sex with underage minors” to that list, I won’t blame you.

And here’s the most disturbing kicker of all. I’d actually heard about this from several friends, and then saw an alert on FB, but Kramer is especially targeting mothers of disabled children on Twitter. He’s also followed several children’s aid organization, including Sanctuary for Kids. If you think he’s doing this to find weak people to victimize, under the guise of helping the children, well, that’s how molesters operate.

Will all this be enough to get Kramer’s probation violated? I sincerely hope so. One of the reasons monsters like Kramer find new victims is their insidious and ingenious ways of manipulating the very rules meant to prevent such behavior.

To be fair, some of Kramer’s tweeted links are pretty interesting. But just in case any moms or dads out there are googling, I’ll spell it out for ya:

@edwardekramer is a convicted child molester.

Got it? Good! If @edwardekramer is following you on twitter, get to a safe place immediately.


  1. “I believe he’ll violate his probation and we’ll have him in prison eventually,” said Porter, who has been on the Kramer case since 2005. “I think he’ll most likely try and figure out a way to come in contact with children, and that’s where I’ll get him.”


  2. You may wish to correct whichever Twitter handle is wrong at the end there – is it @edwardekramer or @edwardjkramer?

  3. I just wrote to DA Porter and sent him a link to this page. Let’s hope this is all he needs to shove that loser into a hole somewhere!!!

  4. “He’s not in New York. He’s on a GPS bracelet which shows he’s in Duluth Ga which has been confirmed.”
    Danny Porter

  5. Hey Heidi! I meant to say that the above comment was a quote from an e-mail I received from DA Porter. Looks like you were right about the smokescreen!

    And thanks for bringing this story to the forefront. It always pays to be vigilant…and to read the Beat.


  6. His account is now protected, so you can’t read his tweets or see who he’s following. Let’s hope the DA goes after him sooner.

  7. Gross. Thanks for keeping the public informed. And thanks as always to Nancy for staying on top of this.

    @Vinnie: I think there’s actually a lot to be said, justifiably, against police forensics and jury rulings — but Ed Kramer’s just about the worst advocate anyone could hope for. Guys like him do more damage to a cause by supporting it than critics do by opposing it.

  8. Nancy A. Collins: Thanks for your continued good work in keeping people informed on this! (And to Heidi and Colleen Doran and everyone else.)

  9. Oh for goodness sake, tone it down. The man’s in the legal system and has been for years. Whether he’s guilty or not, your vigilance and angry rhetoric accomplish precisely nothing in terms of keeping him away kids.

  10. *eyebrow at Andy* Wait, wait, wait. Although I stuck up for Dragon*Con as an entity separate from Ed Kramer – & at last, they legally are, that’s true – the man’s “being in the legal system” for years is a large part of what everyone’s been complaining about. He expertly delayed charges being brought against him for years, then convinced the jail system he was too unhealthy to be imprisoned, therefore too expensive, & the first chance he got, he broke his probation & was caught in a hotel room with a minor.

    Maybe the vigilance & angry “rhetoric” might be the only thing keeping him away from kids. The legal system has proved to not be up to the job.

    If his Twitter was being used as described above, that’s classic targeting by a predator. I wish his Twitter had been screencapped before being talked about, though.

  11. Arthur and Andy, always wondered what child molesting appologists sounded like. Thanks

    He is a predator, he can’t control himself and he will try and probably succeed unless diligent advocates like Nancy, Colleen and Heidi keep up their watch. I personally thank them for looking out for kids

  12. Eva Hopkins: His Twitter has been screen captured by several people, as has his Google + profile. The DA is looking into it.

  13. A couple of days ago, Kramer followed Study Sync, an online e-learning tool FOR GRADE AND SECONDARY SCHOOL KIDS! I sent them a tweet warning them.

  14. Andy, Arthur: So you don’t find his years of stalling out the Gwinnett County legal system, & the whole saga overall, upsetting? I’m not surprised his social media profile doesn’t have the all-caps of his legal situation. The combination of shiny new social media, not bein’ in jail & reaching out to organizations that involve kids…that doesn’t set off a single alarm bell for you?

    If he was trying to contact moms I knew, I’d tell them about him. How is this different?

    In some cases pointing out a ‘net lynch mob is an accurate description. Heidi herself just ran a picture of the mob from “Frankenstein”, to illustrate an article about the “fire Rick Remender” kerfuffle.

  15. ETA: this is not one of those.

    If convention/comics people don’t get better about self-reporting stuff like this, using tools at our disposal, people like that can get away with a lot. They do & they have, & most of fandom just wants their shiny art/movie/con to go on rollin’, so they don’t wanna hear about it.

  16. Arthur, you must be kidding… or trolling. The comments above aren’t anything close to “lynch mob mentality.” There are expressions of concern, horror, discomfort – and discussions of trying to do something practical against a convicted child molester who has resurfaced. And Andy, as far as “toning it down” goes, communication is vital in situations like this – and is btw a sign of a healthy community. And sure it can help. For example, sending his tweets and FB postings to the DA is good move that may result in further legal action. How can you say that won’t do any good? In fact, Andy and Arthur, how can you post these sentiments at all?

  17. He was born in Brooklyn, so presumably that’s what the “Brooklyn, NY” in his profile meant. Or it was intended to suggest residence.

    He was following me, too. No more.


  18. Andy/Arthur:

    Oh yeah, a post accurately listing the sheer fuckery this dude is up to is EXACTLY LIKE murdering people due to racism. *golf clap*

  19. hopefully given his latest actions ed is prepared to finaly be visiting a jail cell again if the d.a can use his twitter and finaly put ed in a jail cell as his new home. andy, arthur saying toning it down and ed is a victim of mob mentality when what is being done here by putting the word out of how nasty ed is if it can help victims. is wrong and almost makes you two sound like you don’t think ed really did real damage.

  20. My wife and I had a pedophile put in prison and the Pedophile apologists came out in droves. It actually made international news. It’s scary how many scumbags out there want to protect and justify pedophiles. I personally (as in my opinion) believe those who want to protect pedophiles are just laying the ground work for their own eventual capture and conviction. “Lets go easy on this guy so people go easy on me.” Also telling is the fact that the apologists are almost always male.

  21. Doesn’t anyone who is complaining about this guy being railroaded get the concept of parole? It isn’t a free pass. It means you are out of jail conditionally as long as you don’t violate the conditions you agreed to. Not contacting children is one of those conditions for this guy. Thanks to his blatant stupidity (& thank the powers that be for that) he is twittering to kids & moms of disabled kids, he is looking for new victims. When do we intervene after he rapes 5 more kids? Quit feeling sorry for him, only paedophiles worry about the rights of their own…
    Don’t touch kids & you won’t have to worry about prison, okay!

  22. To spell it out more clearly to you he made a legal binding agreement to get out of jail time now parole violators often slip through the cracks & violations can run from no alcohol/drug use, to no fire arms possession, to not leaving the state, to not having contact with certain persons or groups of persons. Thanks to the internet this guy will be investigated & that’s a positive thing. You can’t leave the state either without permission so it sounds like he’s on the run, why?, he doesn’t want the authorities to know what he’s doing. So he can abuse a few kids before they catch him…

  23. Oh God, we can’t have him following us on Twitter but we didn’t mind going to the convention when we knew he was financially benefiting from our attendance.

  24. First off, this is a different Andy than the one above.

    i think we need to make a distinction between “innocent until proven guilty” and “entered plea of guilty in a plea bargain and current serving out his sentence”. His guilt is not in question nor has he fully served his sentence.

    The question is whether the Twitter activities constitute direct or indirect contact with children. At the very least he’s monitoring children so if he hasn’t violated his plea yet (I think he has but the legal system may decide otherwise) he’s definitely behaving like someone who intends to violate his plea.

    That coupled with the extreme nature of the crime (this isn’t a shoplifting case) I think the watchdog approach is warranted. No one’s taking the law into his own hands so if he doesn’t violate his plea he’s perfectly safe, It’s only if he targets children, whom adults should be protecting, that he risks the 60 years (probably less as even a natural death will likely come sooner than that).

  25. >> Oh God, we can’t have him following us on Twitter but we didn’t mind going to the convention when we knew he was financially benefiting from our attendance.>>

    I’m not sure who you’re referring to there, but since I mentioned blocking him of Twitter above, I’m guessing that may be aimed at me.

    I don’t think I’ve been to Dragon*Con since 1999. Kramer was first arrested in 2000. That’s coincidence, more or less — I didn’t go back to Dragon*Con after that largely because I don’t live anywhere near Atlanta — but as the allegations and evidence against Kramer grew, I made a deliberate choice not to attend the show, specifically because he was benefiting from attendance.

    I can’t swear I wasn’t there post-2000 — after a while, cons do start to blur together — but I don’t think I was, and once I knew more about what was going on, and Kramer’s connections to the con, I chose not to attend.


  26. I guess I was naive enough to think this monster would try to stay out of the public eye for a short time. It’s obvious that his ‘house arrest’ sentence has convinced him that he is invincible and he can continue to get away with whatever he pleases. Shouldn’t his sentence have prevented him from this sort of thing. He is obviously going to use it to trick children into some inappropriate behavior on line or setting up some sort of meeting.

  27. I have dealt with child molesters for over 20 years in my career. I would rather deal with 5 hardcore murderers than one child molester at anytime. A convicted murderer will show some level of remorse and be honest about what he has done. A convicted child molester will blame society every time. I’ve had child molesters tell me that what they are doing is natural and society should thank them. One once told me that he had introduced a six year old girl to true and honest love and that he should be thanked for that. Another once told me that sexual relationships between adults and children are a time honored tradition that goes back to Ancient Greek and Roman societies. These are sociopaths who do not understand normal behavior. They cannot be reintegrated into society. The only thing you can hope for with somebody like this is that when they do screw up, no innocents get hurt.

    Unfortunately, what he has done so far doesn’t look like it has been enough to violate his probation. Sounds like enough to you or me, but I think a judge will weigh the facts against the cost of housing him (with all his bs medical crap) and give him one last chance. Judges, just like everybody else don’t like to be second guessed, so for this reason they are are loathe to violate probation unless there is hard evidence, or even when there is. We’ll see what happens…

  28. “It’s scary how many scumbags out there want to protect and justify pedophiles. I personally (as in my opinion) believe those who want to protect pedophiles are just laying the ground work for their own eventual capture and conviction.”

    Now I don’t know what you specifically mean when you say “protect and justify”, but wanting to protect someone from vigilante justice is not only justified but indicative of an evolved society. the society we’re supposed to live in, actually. There’s a line between simple “observe and report” and “GET HIM!!” Assuming that people who are against a lynch mob are complicit in the same activities as the person they’re protecting is just wrongheadedness.

    “only paedophiles worry about the rights of their own”

    more wrongheadedness. it’s a shame we’re not more evolved than this.

    “Another once told me that sexual relationships between adults and children are a time honored tradition that goes back to Ancient Greek and Roman societies.”

    well they’re not wrong about that. it’s a tradition that is quite active in other countries to this day.

    “These are sociopaths who do not understand normal behavior.”

    Some of them, maybe. It’s not that they don’t understand normal behavior. It’s that they don’t care about what everyone else considers normal behavior. A lot of them are victims themselves and actually do consider it normal behavior because it’s what they learned from their trusted adults. None of this excuses their own behavior or decision to not conform to social norms.

    From my point of view, the two people singled out as going against the grain in this comment section were not so much defending Kramer as pointing out that the rabble-rousing was pointless. Heidi and others had already alerted the proper authorities either by direct contact or by publishing his questionable activities, and the slowly creeping lynch mob mentality of the comment section was pointless and kinda silly. I agree with their point about the futility of comment section rabble-rousing, but I also think it was unnecessary. I didn’t see any comment that was in need of toning down, and their posts only seemed to actually cause the lynch mob mentality because any pushback in a comment section usually results in the digging in of heels and greater pushing from those that felt the pushback.

    If this mad had done things to my child, I’d want to kill him which is precisely why he should be protected. Thankfully the legal system has measures in place for that. Unfortunately it also has gaping holes that let convicted felons continue to commit crimes which is why sounding the alarm that this guy might be on the prowl again is a good thing. I think maybe the comments should have been turned off and updates from the folks who chimed in with useful information could have been added in by Heidi as they came in.

    But, you know….whatever. nothing I say will change any minds.

  29. judgementfreezone: Try looking up the definitions of the concepts “lynch mob” and “rabble-rousing”, then compare those to the statements on this thread. Spoiler alert: they won’t match up. Also, I’d love for you to specify in which countries child molestation is considered a “time-honored tradition” “to this day”. I suspect you’ll find they number exactly zero. Finally, why are you so concerned by people being outraged and disgusted by an unrepentant, unreformed child molester? If anyone deserves “judgement”, it’s certainly a person like this.

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