We’re a few minutes away from the “We Are Boom!” panel starting.

We’ll be liveblogging, so get ready to start hitting refresh.

Filip Sablik is saying he had the wrong impression of Boom! when he started working there, so this is about explaining to everyone else how Boom! works.

Ross Richie says he started Boom! because Keith Giffen told him he should publish comics.  Richie used to work at Malibu before Marvel bought them.  They started in the spare bedroom of Richie’s apartment.

Matt Gagnon is the EIC.  He was working at Meltdown Comics (retail).  Richie asked him join early on.

Editor Shannon Watters had been a copy editor at TokyoPop, but was in marketing when she joined BOOM! as an assistant editor.

Adventure Time was constructed specifically to get people outside the DM mainstream involved on the creative side.

All-ages is now a direction Boom! is exploring.

Sablik is using the panel as an opportunity to introduce the Boom! staff.

And now the story of Sablik getting recruited.  Interestingly, 15 minutes into the Panel, Adventure Time is the only current title that’s been mentioned.  The panel is closer to a recruitment video than a traditional comic panel, thus far.

Now a retrospective of creators they’ve worked with.

A video of Paul Jenkins talking about getting creative freedom at Boom!.

Now a Mike Carey video.

Brian Stelfreeze video.

Mike Kunkle video.

All basically the same video, all ending with “I am Boom!.”

Now pictures of fans, emphasizing they cross demographic lines.

They got the Garfield license because Jim Davis liked the Rescue Rangers comic Boom! did when they had the Disney license.  He approached them.

Now the mission statement “Core to our belief”… they think that established creators don’t always have the right venue, due to the ebb and flow of the market.

[That might be a dig at DC and Marvel.]

Stelfreeze has a new book that isn’t announced yet.

Another mission statement – they’re building the comics company of the future.

Now bullet point “beliefs” recapping the panel.

A very unusual panel.  It really seemed like a recruitment drive more than a convention panel.


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